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New For 2022 is the 30 or 60 Mile Virtual Challenge


and there is no better way to honor our hard-working service dogs and their graduates than with a challenge fit for a "TOP DOG"

Grab your sneakers, boots, fins, goggles, wheels, and furry friends for a month-long adventure.

Who: Anyone can participate!

Where: From any location/s you choose!

When: September 1st - 30th 2022

How: Sign up HERE and then follow the instructions HERE on how to log miles. 


Everyone who completes the 30 or 60 mile challenge AND uploads their miles will receive an official challenge sticker.  All items will be mailed during the first few weeks of October.


Virtual Challenge participants will be able to enter five Virtual Challenge photo contests during the Virtual period(Sept 1-30-22). Voting will occur after the Virtual Challenge ends on Sept 30th. You will be able to submit photos during the virtual period, and depending on the content of your photo(s), you will be automatically entered into one or more of the following contests:

Sponsor Photos

Pay tribute to our Sponsors! This event would not be possible without the contributions and support of our fantastic sponsors: Main Line Brewery, McGeorge Toyota, Luck Road Run Shop, C&F Bank, Off Leash K-9 training, Small Big Dog Naturals, Virginia Family Dentistry,  Sneeds Nursery, All Fur Love Bakery, Pretties and Papers, 

Share your photos with us!

Favorite Furred Friend & Training Partner

Most likely your dog, but if you have a cat or a hamster who runs, walks, bikes, or swims we’d love to see the photos. Whomever the friend and training partner is, share your joint accomplishments with us!

Fall time

Whether it’s the final days of summer or pumpkins, fall foliage, or mums show yourself amidst some fall time splendor during your challenge events.

Group Photo

Celebrate your accomplishment with family, friends, or team members during or after your virtual run, walk, bike or swim.

Everything Else

This is a catch-all category for any great photos we receive that don’t fit into any of the other four categories. This is your chance to get creative with your 30 and 60 mile challenges!

After voting ends, a prize will be awarded to the winner in each category. So start planning now on how to get your best Virtual Challenge photos!

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30 miles 30 days.png
60 miles 30 days.png
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Woman and Dog on Hike

Virtual Challenge

From Anywhere you are

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